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02 Janvier 2014

Venice Tour by Gondola and on Foot

An afternoon through the narrow streets and canals of Venice, the best way to visit this wonderful city: walking and by Gondola. Starting on St. Mark's Square, after a short walk through the quiet and typical neighbourhood of Castello, we will reach a lovely square, where you will sit down having an ice cream, with the background of curious and unusual tales about the city. After that, a short walk takes you to a gondola dock, where you can enjoy a trip on the most beautiful boat in the world, along the Grand Canal. With a 40 minutes Gondola Tour you will discover the unusual reality of this atypical city, and in the meantime you will relax, with the boat gently floating on the water An unforgettable Venetian experience. Departure Dates: Summer: Daily (from 01 April to 31 October) Winter: Daily (except on Sunday) (from 01 Nov to 31 March) Departure Point: St. Mark's square, Tourist Information Office (A.P.T. San Marco 71/F) close to the Correr Museum Departure Time: Summer: 03:00 PM; Winter: 02:00 PM Price: Euro 40.00 per person

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